URC пульт универсальный TRG-200


Цена: 9800 грн

URC TRG-200 Gyroscopic uMotion™ Advanced Remote Control (for URC-TC-MRX20)
The ultimate user experience in navigating the on-screen menu of the MRX-20 is provided by our newest motion-based remote control. URC’s new uMotion™ Gyroscopic Remote, the full-featured TRG-200 moves the cursor easily on the big screen and allows you to make selections in a snap as easily as using a game controller. For clients seeking additional button options, the TRG-200 advanced remote comes complete with direct numeric keys and sophisticated controls. Sleek and ergonomically designed, this remote fits perfectly in hands of any size and offers a wonderful user experience for your daily control needs and your family’s convenience.